The standard ingots we produce weigh between 30 and 35 kg. Originally intended for remoulding, they can be an economical solution for ballast.

We have also developed an ingot shape suitable for difficult-to-reach areas. These ingots can be handled easily and can also be packaged allowing their bulk to be reduced. Very practical, of triangular cross-section, they have a weight of around 12 kg that is easy for manual handling.





Lead shot is provided in the form of small balls of lead from 2 to 3 mm in diameter.

Very often used in marine applications, its usage needs a few recommendations, such as avoiding contact with materials which could initiate electrolytic reactions.

We provide various products:

  • Big bags of 1000 kg, ideal for filling the ballast area
  • 25 kg bags in fabric, to be used as they are. The bags are very flexible and easily adapt to your needs.
  • Sealed watertight bags of 10 or 25 kg, an ideal solution, very good when you need to handle the ballast several times, or where you need to avoid contact with the lead, to avoid the risks of electrolysis, for example.





Our foundry combines know-how and modernity. We control the flow of lead by meeting the strictest environmental and safety regulations. We produce all your parts according to your specifications and plans. We can fill the moulds and ballasts of our equipment or even produce them.

Very useful production process for creating ballast or counterweight of a significant volume. We can also produce specific weights of load, in particular for drilling platforms, large wheeled equipment or a site.



Ballasting, or balancing a piece of equipment can be very precise. There are often limits as to the integration of a counterweight into a manufactured assembly. For this purpose, we produce very high quality rolled parts, meeting all your constraints in terms of weight and bulk, for example.