Extra-refined lead, usually called chemical lead is used a lot in the chemical industry, particularly in the manufacture of sulphuric acid.

Its anti-corrosion qualities are very well researched, making it an indispensable material.

It is found in the covering of vats, autoclaves or metal pipework.

We provide a whole range of products made of chemical lead (Pb 99.985), such as:

  • plates,
  • pipes,
  • or parts produced on demand





The main uses of electrolysis are numerous in industry. Surface treatment of a part by electro-deposition is called electro-plating.

Lead is used to manufacture the cathodes or anodes which are used for two very specific activities.


A lead cathode and the part to be stripped as an anode, are placed in a bath of sulphuric acid. The chemical reaction allows the oxide film to be removed.


A lead anode is placed in a bath of chromic acid. The chemical reaction obtained is an electrolytic covering which is deposited on the part which is made the cathode.

These two activities need to use anodes or cathodes of very specific lead alloys made with tin, antimony or silver. All types of anode can be produced according to your plans and specifications.